Posted by: Stevie D | July 29, 2012

The Teleferico at Fuente De.

On  the last day of our stay at La Isla Camping, Potes, we rode up to Fuente De and took the cable-car up the hill. Understandably, it’s a real tourist attraction so there was a forty minute wait before our turn came. Again, not too much scribble from me, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

The sign at the bottom station gives a few,bare statistics.

Looking up at the top station far above.

The 20 seater cars look tiny against the massive cliffs.

On the way up, through the tinted windows of the Teleferico.

The further up you go, the more grand the spectacle.

At the top, looking back down at the bottom station.

Kinda like a moonscape.

Some horses meandered through a nearby gully searching out some of the very scarce grass.

The temperature was in the mid-thirties but there was still snow clinging on to some of the deeper clefts in the rocks.

‘Nice view from up here Jayney’.

Suddenly looks a bit flimsy to me.

On the way back down, the rock we were stood on looks all the more imposing.

The next day we left Potes and also left Spain. But whatever else we experience on this trip, the Teleferico at Fuente De will live long in our memories. Spain too will take some upstaging as one of the most enjoyable and exhilarating countries in Europe to visit.



  1. Fabulous scenery Steve, breathtaking views. Must venture down there sometime soon.

    • Do it Ian. Ya only live once.

  2. Pretty much speechless, which is saying a lot, lol. Very impressive Steve. I feel like I know more about Spain and Portugal from the past month or so, just from y’alls experiences there. Rock on brother and ride safe!

    BTW: “Livin On The Edge” is Aerosmith…… 🙂

    • I kinda figured you know that BM. 🙂

  3. the picos really are something else.glad you managed to get the bike into the occasional picture, for perspective of course.not even a bit jealous.

    • You know me and perspective man. And I know you’re not the jealous type. 😉

  4. I can totally relate to how you must have been feeling looking out at those views, having just come from Colorado ourselves, and taking a trip up Pikes Peak. Our picture album looks very similar to yours! Beautiful!

    • Colorado is a name that conjures up so many images in my mind Shadowrun. Most of mine come from old western movies though. Who knows, one day I may get over there and check it out for myself.

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