Posted by: Stevie D | November 14, 2012

Reasons to love Spain.

There are many reasons to love Spain, especially if you love motorcycles. As Jayney and I left the Pyrenees behind
and set off to the South West, some of those reasons were made very plain to us.
We passed through the city of Lleida and then on to Mequinenza. By now, the road had become almost deserted as it swept
along beside the huge reservoir that is Lake Caspe. Some miles before the town of Caspe is Lake Caspe Camping, and here
we stopped for a couple of days to take in the sights. The campsite itself was completely isolated, and many of it’s
customers seemed to be there to take advantage of the range of watersports which were possible on the lake.Jayney and I
stuck to dry land however as we explored the wild country around the lake.

The long Spanish summer had taken it’s toll on the water level in the lake. Still more than enough to play on though.

It was one of the most isolated places we had stayed on the whole trip.

After a couple of days, we left Lake Caspe and, with time on our side, we decided to take a roundabout route to the coast rather than the straight road through Morella, which we had visited earlier in the trip. We had never used our chosen route before and had no reason to suppose it would be special, but herein lies another reason to love Spain. Most everywhere you go, something new and often spectacular thrusts itself before your eyes. This day would prove no different.

We cut down to Alcaniz and Alcorisa, then down some virtually deserted roads which were just stunning to see.Here are some photos we took on the way.

When the road ahead starts like this, you kinda know you’re in for a good day.

The terrain got wilder as we turned towards the coast,so we took a sandwich and admired the view.

As the road wound it’s way towards the Gudar mountains, the scenery became ever more spectacular.

Although there were some stretches of poor road, it was mostly pretty good, considering the terrain we were traversing.

We reached the village of Villarluengo, population 188, where no residents suffer from vertigo.

I wouldn’t care to fix the roof on some of these precariously perched houses.

The tiny and isolated hamlet of Cañada de Benatanduz, population 64. What an unusual lifestyle they must have.

This has to be some of the wildest country left anywhere in Europe.

That evening we arrived at the tourist resort of Oropesa del Mar, where we took a cold beer by the sea and reminised about what had been one of the best days of the trip.

Our evening resting place was a world away from the awesome scenes we had witnessed during the day.



  1. Stevie D and Jayne!! Great to get a blog post, you guys have been missed. Great pictures once again. I would absolutely love to see a route of this awesome trip when it is completed. Glad you guys are still two up and cruise’n. BikerMonkey

    • Not for too much longer though BM. Soon be making plans to head home.Still some more posts to come though as, for the time being, we’re still out there, doing our thing. 🙂

      • Right On Brother! Y’all be safe and can’t wait for the next post.

  2. Awesome pics, once again! Loved the little city on the cliffs. My hubby would not do well there, however.
    I’m enjoying your ride. Do you have to go home?

    • Well, not just yet, but the specter is looming ever larger in our thoughts.

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