Posted by: Stevie D | September 24, 2012


I don’t know about you, but I have a subconcious league table of my favorite countries and places I’ve visited. This list
has gone unruffled on this trip so far until, out of the blue, a dark horse has barged it’s way right into the top three.
Slovenia. It says on the tourist blurb that it’s the cleanest country in the world. I couldn’t argue with that, although
I’ve not been everywhere of course. The air, the rivers, the streets, all absolutely pristine. Great roads, cheap beer
and real friendly people. We loved every minute of our stay.

As we entered Slovenia, we also entered the Triglav National Park.

We passed the quaintly named mountain village of Log Pod Mangertom.

We based ourselves at Bovec, in the Julian Alps,an area popular with adrenaline junkies hooked on whitewater rafting,rock climbing and riding sports bikes very fast on mountain roads. It’s on the edge of the Triglav National Park and adjacent to the River Soca, one of the most popular kayaking/rafting rivers in the area.

We arrived at Bovec on my birthday and Jayney helped me celebrate in a way which has become traditional with we Brits, wherever we are.

The first two days it rained and thundered for 18hours followed by a freezing wind and heavy showers for the next 24. After that the sun came out and we had several days of great weather just made for exploring Slovenia’s beautiful landscape.

After the storm, the hilltops around Bovec were left covered with their first snows of the autumn.

The River Soca was covered with a misty haze as it raced down the valley.

We rode north from Bovec to the top of the Vrsic Pass which, at 1600 metres up isn’t the highest pass in the Alps,but the 26 hairpins took their toll on the clutch going up and the brakes coming down again, that’s for sure.

Great roads, great views and crystal clear air makes this place unique in my (OK limited) experience.

From the top of the Vrsic Pass looking across the Triglav Narodni Park.

One morning, we set off in the sun to see the Boca Waterfall, Slovenias highest. We were enjoying the ride so much, we went right past the falls and after a great spin down wonderful biking roads we found ourselves at the Italian border. I couldn’t resist just going a few metres in, just to say we’d done it, before heading back to to find the falls. It’s that kind of riding here. You just don’t want to get off.

On the Italian border. Typical Italians. Always ‘red-lining’ it.

Sometimes you just don’t wanna stop.

Our search for the Boca waterfall led us, wrongly, to the Soca river. But it was a great spot for a photo or two.

Just occasionally, I post a picture just for my mum. This ones for you, mum.

We finally found the Boca Waterfall. More impressive in spring, I’m told, with waters from melting snow.

When we left Kamp Polovnik at Bovec, we travelled the length of Slovenia down it’s western side and saw nothing to change our view that it had been a privilege to spend those days in this beautiful country. All too soon it was time to take our leave, but I leave Slovenia with this promise. ‘I’ll be back’.

If you go nowhere else, visit Slovenia. And I’m not paid by their tourist board.


  1. Steve, it has recently been high on our list but after reading about your time there and seeing those photos it’s gone to the top!

    • We had a fantastic time there Mr Listy, and I know your good lady and yourself would just love it.

  2. So glad you stuck it out through all the thundering rains! What beautiful landscape! I’ve missed a few of your previous posts, so I’m heading there now!

    • Slovenia was special. I’d heard it was a lovely place but it was better than all my expectations.

  3. Slovenia is truly beautiful and every time I go to bike week in Faak I always take the opportunity to spend a day or two exploring. The lake at Bled is magnificent!

    • Fantastic scenery and riding in Slovenia Thornton, and loads of riders to share it with.

  4. Slovenia is truly beautiful and every time I go to bike week in Faak I always take the opportunity to spend a day or two exploring. The lake at Bled is magnificent!

  5. Beautiful place my friend. Did I hear you right? Happy Birthday!

    Here is the recap of the 2,000 mile in 48 hour trip for your reading pleasure. Unfortunately, I don’t get the opportunity to take lots of pictures on these rides, but there should be a 1080 HD video next week! 🙂

    And another one that gave me chills came from one of the riders:

    Don’t mean to blast your comments with links, just know that you can’t read everything….. these in my humble opinion are worthy of the read.

    Ride Safe buddy. BikerMonkey

    • Always grateful for any important news you send my way BM. 🙂 Just good to speak English with someone other than the lovely Jayney. 🙂 🙂

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