Posted by: Stevie D | September 13, 2012

Lovely Austria.

We crossed into Austria near Poysdorf and wound our way around the north side of Vienna to the town of Krems. Here we took the road which travels along the north bank of the Danube for maybe 50 miles to the riverside town of Grein. We camped for a couple of days and checked out the town and took a ride up into the hills around.

The Danube at Grein is a mighty river.

The town’s Schloss towers over the campsite.

It’s one of the great roads that runs along the Danube.

Lovely riding in the Weinberger Wald, north of Grein.

We had a Pizza in the campsite bar that evening and were treated to an amazing thunderstorm.

It was a lovely bar at Grein campsite, and they did the bestest Pizza’s.

Our Pizza was interrupted by a massive thunderstorm.

Next morning we set off south once more. The weather hadn’t cleared completely but ,as the day passed, the sun broke through and by the time we reached our next destination, we were bathed once more in warm sunshine which, to be honest, seems to have been the way of things this summer.

In the Alps, dodgy weather only adds to the spectacle.

Sometimes I look at my ole Harley and fall in love all over again.


  1. Once again, great post my friend. The picture of the castle in the clouds, awesome. I tell ya, you will have to put everything out on flickr or something when you have some time. Keep’em coming!

    • Easy to take good pictures in Austria BM, plenty of good subject matter. Next post is completely different.

      • I can’t wait to see / read it! Ride safe brother.

  2. Glad you were in the restaurant at the time of the storm – although you’ve always proven to be a pretty die hard rider!
    I like your last line! I don’t get to ride mine as often as you do, but when I do, I always feel as exhilarated as I did the first time! How can you NOT love them!

    • They get right into your bones, do they not. 🙂

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