Posted by: Stevie D | September 12, 2012

Czech this out! :-)

What to say about the Czech Republic?

I wanted to see Prague which Jayney had seen some years previously. World renowned for it’s amazing gothic architecture, Prague is number one on every Czech visitors list of to-do’s. After that, see which way the wind blows, so to speak.
We camped just south of Prague in the village of Zlatniky-Hodkovice in what turned out to be one of the best campsites of the trip so far. Grass, great WiFi, brilliant showers etc and cheap as chips. What more could we ask?
The weather turned bad for a couple of days but we didn’t care. Just sat around reading, catching up with the blog, drinking very reasonably priced Czech beer. It was good to take a break from hardcore sightseeing.
In between, we took two trips into Prague and checked out the local sights on the bike.
First trip out on the bike gave me some indication of possible problems ahead. We headed south from Zlatniki to Jilove, then cut west to join the road that follows the banks of the River Vltava back to Prague. Lovely scenery, Jayney tells me but I didn’t see it ’cause I was busy dodging ruts, holes and the like which Harley softails aren’t designed to handle.

Jayney took loads of pictures but most were ruined by ‘camera shake’.

Our route took us for many miles along the banks of the River Vltava.

Not too sure what they used the mini-railway carriage things for. Answers on a postcard please.

This massive advertising board is reminiscent of the famous Spanish bull signs.

Prague itself is amazing, no other word for it. In fact, it can all become too much as you’re swept along in a sea of camera-wielding tourists from all four corners of the globe. I’ll not post photos of it’s most famous buildings here. Anyone can hit Google and see them. Just a few which hopefully show the cacophony of images which assault the senses as you enter the centre of the city.

Prague is wonder upon wonder.

Just a couple of guys hanging around beneath someones balcony.

Jayney gives her senses a much needed break.

Prague Castle is an amazing place with great views over the city.

Anywhere else it’s a work of art… Prague, just another streetlight.

Jayney on one of several bridges which cross the River Vltava in the city. A bridge too far, perhaps.

I know ‘Prague-lovers’ will hate me for this, but, in a way, I found it all a bit OTT. Too much of a good thing. I felt it was in danger of becoming almost a caricature of itself, when a building which, anywhere else, would bring a little gasp of admiration, got a bit lost in the sea of wonder. Everyone should see it, sure, but perhaps it would be better if it was broken up and spread around the country a little.

When we left the Prague area, we had planned to head to the south of the country for a few days and then on to Slovakia and Hungary. However, these plans were thrown into disarray when we headed down the E50 towards Brno, one of the country’s main routes. The road had obviously been built with an endless series of concrete strips. However, no two strips were at the same level so every 4 or 5 metres, there was a ledge which , when you hit them at normal road speed, caused a massive shake up of all our worldly goods. Consequently, we spent a fair proportion of the time doing 15mph down the hard-shoulder with hazard lights on.

Eventually though, a rethink was called for and we decided to tar Slovakia and Hungary’s roads with the Czech brush and give them a miss. We cut due south and headed for the Austrian border, spending one more night in the Czech Republic at Strachotin.

Finally, a mention to another travelling couple whose van we saw at Dresden, and we met briefly in Czech when they were camped next to us. They also do a wordpress blog documenting their experiences. Kath and Darin, from Texas I believe, doing their own trip of a lifetime. Visit them on

I quite liked the Czech Republic, and if the roads had been better, we’d have stayed longer. However, I ain’t wrecking my suspension for no-one.

There were some lovely scenes like this, sunrise at our camp. Note the barbed wire to keep us in.



  1. Looks terrific! One day…

    • Yeah Becca. I have to say it’s quite an experience just walking those weird and wonderful streets. But google it to see the most spectacular sights. Thanks for your interest.

  2. “Czech this out!” Now that’s a good title my friend! LOL Wonderful post as as always; keep up the awesome work Stevie. Ride safe my biker friend.

    • Glad you liked it BM. Waiting to hear about your ‘2,000 in 2 days’ trip. Hey, at that rate, you could do this whole thing in a fortnight. 🙂

      • I am counting the days brother, I am stoked and ready to roll. I believe the current count is 8 confirmed riders and several, “oh yeah, I will do it”, LOL. We shall see.

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