Posted by: Stevie D | May 20, 2012

On the Costa Tropical.

As usual, we travelled without a clear idea of a definite destination. However, after our trip to El Berro, we stayed on the bigger,faster roads and mid-afternoon saw us arrive at Castillo de Banos. Halfway between Almeria and Almunecar, this tiny place is nestled snugly between the Sierra Nevada mountains to the north and the Meditteranean to the south.It consists of a tiny cluster of houses, a Bar/Restaurant and a shop and, of course, a campsite. 1km west is a similar sized hamlet called El Lance, and 1km east is the slightly larger La Mamola. I tell you this as I think the lack of anything one might call an ‘attraction’ can be the only reason the site was virtually deserted during our entire stay. Hey, there were people there but it was never more than 10% full. However, the campsite and its facilities and the general ambience within its confines was nothing less than brilliant.

The campsite was just idyllic.

We were pitched only 20metres from the Mediterranean.

On the other side of a bamboo fence, the Med strolled ashore and we were woken each morning by the sound of its waves lapping against the grey sand of Castillo’s tiny beach.

Early morning on the beach at Castillo de Banos.

The other attraction of the place, for us at least, was the coast road. Here, the N340 winds along the cliffs hugging the Med’, taking you through small, and not so small, coastal communities and opening up shimmering new vistas around every sweeping bend. Not many potholes either.

Riding along the coast road was superb.

It was enough just to ride, you don’t need anywhere to go.

We payed brief visits to the nearby towns of Motril and Almunecar, and spent many happy hours stretched out in the sun, listening to the cacophony of birdsong which filled the air on the site from dawn till dusk.

Before we left, however, I wanted to visit the Sierra Nevada National Park, and especially Trevelez, the highest village in these, some of Spains highest peaks. It was a hot and in the end, quite tiring day, but we saw some lovely sights.

Crossing Los Alpujarras on the way to the Sierra Nevada.

There’s no ways like the old ways on slopes like these.

It is one of the best roads I’ve been on in the Spanish mountains.

It seemed strange to see snowy peaks so close by when we were riding in such heat.

Looking across at the snowy Sierra Nevada.

Entering the National Park.

Approaching Trevelez, the highest village in the Sierra Nevada.

Jayney takes a break during a hot day in the mountains.

The following day we dragged ourselves away from Castillo de Banos and headed off to, who knows where.







  1. Waking up to the sound of the beach while camping is just awesome. It sounds like you are making the most of your trip. Ride Hard, Ride Well

    • Yeah, it was a great place to spend a few days.

  2. Hey Stevie D!! Man, I am loving this trip and the pictures are awesome. So far, this is my favorite place you have been. 🙂

    If you get to a place where you can check out my ride from this past Saturday, please take a look. Extreme riding BikerMonkey style, brother!

    • Will do BM. You gotta be at the top end of the crazy, extreme ridin’ scale. Awesome!!!

  3. Lovin the pictures Steve, you 2 keep safe.

    • Thanks for checking on us Jof, my man. How did the rally go?

  4. Beautiful. Glad you’re both having a fab time. Vicariously yours Trudy xx

    • Hey there Troodles, thanks for dropping by. Yep, this is most definitely the life. Living like the rock star I never quite became.
      All my best to your man.

  5. Green with envy once again. We went to IHOP for breakfast on ours…. it was almost as nice. 🙂

    • With a bit of careful, long term planning, this could be yours. 🙂

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