Posted by: Stevie D | May 6, 2012

Ups and downs.

Morella is a lovely old town perched on top of a hill some 50 or so miles north of Castellon de la Plana. It is overlooked by the massive fort at it’s centre which towers above the town. It has now been more or less given over to tourism and many of its twisty streets are lined with bars and restaurants. Coachloads of tourists are constantly being discharged at the entrance to the town for their allotted time of wandering around the gift shops and marvelling at the views from over the walls.

Jayney and I pitched up in the early afternoon and set off for the walk up to the town. It was a hot day and the hill is steep, so it was with some relief that we reached the shade of Morella’s narrow streets and set about discovering this unusual place for ourselves.

Morella impresses even before you get there.

The streets are both interesting and provide great shade from the afternoon sun.

The views are breathtaking.

It is like looking down on the world.

We spent a lazy afternoon strolling around the streets before stocking up with some rather expensive provisions andreturning to base. It was then I found out that the headlamp wasn’t working on the Harley. Both beams out. No problem, I thought, just the bulb. I’ll sort it tomorrow.

Next morning we left Morella and returned to the coast at Benicassim, near Castellon.We got settled in a campsite near the beach and took a walk along the promenade. And boy, what a promenade. Goes on for miles. But a good leg-stretcher and lovely views along the beach on the way. The following morning, I took off the front of the headlight to pop in the new bulb before we went out to explore our new home. Bulb looked good but the bulbholder was completely melted on one side. Turning on the light simply resulted in the awful stench of burning insulation. Not good. Saturday morning, no bike. However, technology to the rescue and Mr Google soon Β found a possible solution.

Moto Emotion in Castellon replied straight away to my email and met us en route to make sure we found them OK. As soon as we arrived, George set to work with his testers and screwdrivers while Jayney and I whiled away an hour chatting with his good lady Sabine. It seems they had started Moto Emotion six years ago after moving from Switzerland. They both ran their own Harleys and we shared the experience of both having ridden the Grossglockner high mountain road in Austria in the past. Within an hour or so, George had worked his magic and a new bulbholder was supplied fitted and working.

Muchos gratias George and Sabine for helping us out on a Saturday afternoon. Stop by and say hello to them if you’re in the area. I did, and I’ve got the ‘t’shirt to prove it.

Moto Emotion at Castellon helped out in my hour of need.


  1. Lovin the blog Steve, and that fantastic looking blue sky!!

    • Getting bored with all that blue now Jof. πŸ™‚

  2. Again, great pictures and beautiful town. It is wonderful to find shops like Moto Emotion, then again Harley folks are the best!

    • Yeah, we had much in common BM. Sabine’s excellent knowledge of English helped too πŸ˜‰

      • I tell ya, BikerMonkey would be in a world of hurt if English wasn’t spoken well! There would be a lot of pointing and grunting and picture drawing going on. πŸ™‚

      • You’ll be fine now you’ve been to Motor School BM. πŸ™‚

  3. Breathtaking pictures! and Hooray or Moto Emotion! If it wasn’t for them, WE may not be able to finish OUR road trip. πŸ™‚

    • Got your motor runnin’ Shadowrun? Sounds like it to me. Can’t wait to meet ya.

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