Posted by: Stevie D | May 4, 2012

We hit the Costas.

That night, we settled ourselves in at a campsite at Lloret de Mar, maybe 40miles east of Barcelona. Well known as a tourist resort for generations of sun-starved Brits,  Lloret in April is a quiet, not unpleasant town with lines of almost empty bars and shops selling the usual paraphernalia attached to the family beach holiday. The campsite was good and cheap though, so we stuck around for a couple of days, and it gave me the chance to take the bike up the coast road to the unfortunately named Tossa de Mar. Destination notwithstanding, the road is a beauty, twisting mercilessly atop cliffs from which you look out across the purest blue Mediterranean. After 8 months of British winter and 3 days in France, this was bliss indeed.

On the road to Tossa.

The deserted beach at Tossa de Mar.

After a couple of days, a dodgy weather forecast and a general boredom with Lloret sent us southward once more. It being Sunday, we decided it would be a good day to travel through Barcelona without too much hassel, so we eschewed the ringroad and hit Barcelona centre. Big mistake. The city never sleeps and we became part of it’s swirling, whirling centre, carried along like a twig in a flood, cast hither and thither amidst the scary streams of traffic. Everyone knew where they were going except us, so we ended up just going with them. Eventually we popped out the other side like a cork out of a bottle and carried on south a little ruffled, but physically unharmed.

Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece is impressive even from a distance.

We were sorely tempted to park up and take the tourist bus.

From here it was a straightforward run down the coast, trying to avoid the toll road, and we ended the day at a lovely campsite in the unspoilt fishing village of Ametlla de Mar. We took the bike for a run around the amazing Ebro Delta. It was a great day.

The lovely, unspoilt fishing village of Ametlla de Mar.

Brilliant riding amongst the rice fields of the Ebro Delta.

Get old ugly mug out the way will ya?

I just had to post this shot of the Ebro looking it’s very best.

Thanks to Jayney for the ‘On the Road’ shot at which she is becoming ever more proficient.

Before long it was time to move on again and we decided to head inland for a change.We had heard good things about a hilltop town called Morella, north of Castello de la Plana, so we set off into the hills.

First sight of Morella from the south.

Please wait for the next exciting episode to see how Steve and Jayney get on in Morella, how a problem with the Harley was fixed, and lots lots more.



  1. At last my blog reader is working again. I’ve missed all of my favourite blogs for the last few weeks!! I’m so pleased I’ve caught up with you and Jayney. Well done to her for the action shots 🙂 Looking forward to ……wherever next 🙂 Avis x

    • Hi Avis, good to hear from you again. We’ve been travelling for 3 weeks now and the old world is just beginning to melt away as this land of sun, lazy breakfasts and cruising Spain’s gorgeous backroads becomes all there is.
      More news when I can be bothered. 😉

  2. Wow, I have never ridden in Spain, but now I am very tempted…!

    • Gods little gift to bikers Arpad.

  3. I think you´re having better weather “Up North” at the moment than we are “Down South”. Safe travels!

    • Best in Europe at the moment I believe.

  4. did you say you were in tossa steve. lol, good to see you are have a good time. just been to paignton bike show(bmad) cold and wet.

    • Had a few spots ourselves this morning Barn’, but it’s hot and sunny now. And at least the rain is warm down here. 🙂

  5. I loved how you described your trip through Barcelona. 🙂 It sounds like you did the right thing by just going with the flow.
    Once again the pictures are awesome! Can’t wait to hear about Morella!

    • It means a lot that you keep looking in to see our progress Shadowrun.
      Lots more to come I hope.

  6. Hey brother! Great to see the break in weather. Pictures are awesome and love the story line. Keep it up!!

    • Need a break from the heat now BM. 🙂 This is really living!

  7. Makes me look forward to October even more

    • Spain is a truly beautiful country John. Dont forget to pop in on Cuenca if you’re nearby.

  8. Love the shot above the handlebars with the road ahead, like a symbol of freedom…..awesome trip.

    • Got Jayney to thank for that one B. More like that to come I hope. We’re certainly livin’ the dream at the moment.

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