Posted by: Stevie D | May 2, 2012

Away to the sun(photo’s).

Finally able to upload some photos, so here are a few to illustrate my last post about the trip south.

Looking back at Plymouth from the deck of the ferry to France.

The lovely little French town of Port Louis.

Crossing the Pyrenees.

The weather cleared as we headed south for Barcelona.

Looks like I can post OK from here so we may stick around for a while. Besides, the sun is shining and the scenery is great. More posts soon. Thanks to all for your interest.



  1. Yay!!! Pictures 🙂 “Crossing the Pyrenees” that looks like that sucked!

    • Oh, I don’t know. When you’re on holiday, these things take on a new perspective.

  2. Aside from the Pyrenees it looks nice. Driving through the snow is nice, but I prefer not to do it on the bike when I can avoid it. I’m afraid of traction issues.

    • Yeah, I know where you’re coming from, but the roads were fine. Anyway, like I said to Shadowrun in answer to a comment on my last post, best take a minute to have a look at my January posts to see how this trip works.

  3. Great to see your pics Steve, take care.

    • Good on ya Jof. Always taking care I am. That’s how I got to be the grizzled ole *** I am.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Looks a little wet through the Pyrenees, but other than that…. beautiful!

    • Yeah Shadowrun, shame about the weather we had in France. It’s a beautiful country and we didn’t really want to skip through it.

  5. Nice pics Steve, looked a bit chilly over the Pyrenees….bit like Talgarth!! Enjoy.

    • Yes Ian. Barney was moaning about the weather at Talgarth. Lovely here mind.

  6. Pyrenees looks just like the UK at the moment Steve! Have a great trip 🙂

    • Happily we’ve left the Pyrenees far behind now, and everything is roastie-toastie.

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