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One of our most recent trips across the water on the bike also happened to be the one which made me think of an alternative way of travelling. Jayney and I had a week  to go out to play so we decided to have a trip around France.

France has tended to be somewhere I’ve passed through on the way to somewhere else, although the quality of the riding has never gone unnoticed. If you need to get somewhere fast in France they have a system of toll roads which are superbly efficient but very boring and very expensive. The advantage, of course, is that all the heavy commercial traffic uses these routes, leaving the beautiful secondary roads largely empty. Perfect. Apart from the two great mountain ranges which form part of its borders, the countryside is more gentle and lush, with large areas given over to agriculture. Many of the finest sights as one travels around France though, are built by man. Some beautiful buildings and idyllic towns await the traveller through this most serene of lands.

We set off from Plymouth and six hours of Brittany Ferries luxury later, we were rolling off at Roscoff on France’s north west coast. My general rule when heading off on the bike is, the further you are from Britain, the less chance it’s going to rain. So we immediately set off south and two good days of riding later and we were at Pau, in the foothills of the Pyrenees. My rule didn’t hold water though, as it was both cold and wet,symptoms, no doubt, of being so close to the mountains.

Pau, however, was an attractive town and the next day being Jayney’s birthday, we decided to stick around and explore.

Typically French street in the lovely town of Pau.

There are many fine chateau all over France.

The following day, we left Pau and, as we moved away from the mountains, so the weather improved and we began to get that laid back French ambience which makes touring here so rewarding.

Coffee break in a small French town.

No Sat nav for me.

That night, we made a stop in a small, quiet town in central France. France has several chains of budget hotels but these are generally located close to larger towns and cities. Here, we stayed in a typically French hotel in the town center. Nice room, good food. But when I came to pay next morning – ouch. £150. Fine for one night, but I was already thinking about longer term travelling, and that kind of cost would very quickly curtail my ambitions. These thoughts rumbled around my mind as we fired up the bike next morning and continued drifting north through central France.

Overnight stop stung my wallet.

By the early afternoon, we reached a beautiful town called Angles sur L’Anglin. It was a very special town.

One of the loveliest towns I'd ever accidentally found.

Beautiful weather added to the sultry ambience.

We pressed ever onward and after one more overnighter, we were back in Brittany for a cruise along the north coast to Roscoff.

The beaches in Brittany are some of the finest anywhere and seem to be much less busy than those on the Mediterranean coast.

Plenty of room for a paddle.

All too quickly we were back in Roscoff, taking a meal, a drink and a last dose of French sun before boarding for the short trip home.


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  1. Wow, what a beautiful ride! I loved France also, but I only explored the southern part. Beautiful place that I must visit again! Thanks for reminding me 🙂

  2. Hey Stevie D. Great post and wonderful information. I am taking notes. Awesome pictures too!

  3. Ouch indeed!

  4. Those are like something out of a fairy tale chateaus 🙂

  5. You are living my dream. 🙂 I’m longing for the days when we can take the bikes on overnight trips and explore areas we’ve never been to. We’re not as lucky to be able to explore France. Although your pictures are making it tempting to try and find a way to get our bikes overseas. Until then, we’ll stay in search of bbq joints in the U.S.
    Congrats on your Liebster Blog Award. 🙂

  6. Thank you for the latest post Stevie. I have a friend who is originally from Pau. I wonder if she went home for Easter?? France is very beautiful but we made the mistake of going a few years ago when there was a real heatwave in the UK. It was unbearable in France 🙂 Alsace was my favourite area, especially a town called Kysersberg. Those medieval towns and chateaux in your photos are spectacular! Just waiting for your next trip now 😉 semi-colon, hyphen, closed bracket 😉

  7. Some lovely photos. I am very jealous. Maybe one day! France has always been at the top of my list.

  8. I always look forward to reading your posts and seeing all the wonderful photos you share. Angles sur L’Anglin… so beautiful!

  9. As usual Stevie, Great photos!

  10. Great pics Stevie

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