Posted by: Stevie D | March 25, 2012

From Portugal.

Travelling through Spain on two wheels is rarely anything other than sheer bliss. The wide open spaces keep pulling you forward and the roads seem to move seamlessly from mountain curves to endless straights bisecting huge unbroken plains.(When I say ‘huge’,everything is relative and readers in the US and Oz may consider them quite dinky).

As we pushed on toward our planned overnight at Benevente, the route gave its all to help us on our way. We stopped briefly on a road over a reservoir for some lunch before pressing on.

Water is a valuable resource.

We stopped for lunch on a bridge over a reservoir.

Typical view through the visor in central Spain.

Glorious scenery all around.

Obscured by clouds.


Bum Break.

After arriving in Benevente, we found ourselves a Hostal and washed off the dust. Then we headed out into the sun to explore the town. The ladies, of course,  wanted to check out the shops, whereas Tony and I had a more pressing engagement.

Quite arty, this shot. But good art lasts longer than those beers did I can tell you.

Next morning, it was away again, heading north to cross the Cantabrian mountains before running along the coast to Santander. You have a choice of two roads across the mountains to Gijon. The motorway, of course, is quicker, but whenever the road gets really interesting, it disappears into a tunnel. So we took the old road, and were very glad we did.

At the high point.

After the haul up to the top, the other side is an exhilarating ride.

You just have to pull over to take in this view.

As we dropped out of the mountains, so the temperature rose and the run across to Santander was as good as it gets. Spain had done itself justice again and with the bonus of our time in Portugal, we joined the end of the ferry queue well happy with our trip.

Into Santander and straight onto the end of the ferry queue.



  1. wow! share some photos from the top of the mountains if possible…This must have been an awesome ride!

    • What you see is what there is Arpad. I wasn’t writing a blog when we made this trip so the photos were just for my own memories. In future, I’ll have the blog in mind a little when I shoot. And yes, there are many awesome rides in Spain. Gods little gift to bikers.

  2. The ferry queue is long! Is that one group or just the right time for a Spain tour on bike?

    • Anytime is the right time to take your bike to Spain.

  3. Wow the views are simply breathtaking! 🙂

    • Yes indeed Patty, so’s the altitude. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. You make me wanna pack up my bike and take it all over Europe!!

    • That’s the problem, getting the bike over. There must be lots to see Stateside first. One day I may find that out for myself.

      • Well let me know if you do! I’m out in California and that state is big enough for me right now to keep me busy.

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