Posted by: Stevie D | March 21, 2012

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  1. Hey brother! That is awesome and way cool, congratulations! BikerMonkey

    • Hey thanks man. I’m not really sure how this page came about(I’m a bit of a technophobe) but no-one is more surprised than me how many seem to find my stuff interesting.

  2. Hi Stevie, I hope the weather is good to you on your latest tour!
    I’ve just nominated you for an award. You can find the details at:
    Congratulations and thank you for writing a fab blog 🙂 Avis x

  3. You know Avis, that’s fantastic, and thank you so much.I’ll try to work out how to put the links on my site to fulfill my side of the deal. I only started so I could keep friends and family informed when we set off on the ‘Grand Tour’ in a few weeks time. I’m just amazed how it seems to have taken off.Like you, I get as much joy from reading other peoples work as writing about my own exploits.
    Once again, thank you.:-)

    • There’s no hurry! There are so many worthy blogs out there, it is really difficult to choose. It also took quite a while for me to get around the linking as I’m very new too. Just ask when you eventually decide to return home if you need help. You should get more readers out of it, especially from quilters all over the world ha-ha. I wonder how many other quilting ex-bikers there are out there 🙂 Have fun!

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