Posted by: Stevie D | March 19, 2012

In Portugal.

The next day, we all met up to head out of town and see some sights. We set off south and found our way to a quiet seaside town called Sesimbra. I say quiet, but it was mid-May so it was hardly high season. However, the sun shone and the warmth was the only encouragement we needed to discard the leathers and make some vitamin D. A stroll along the prom and we were every inch the typical English tourists abroad.

Soaking up some sun.

A little further along was a sight to gladden Tony’s heart, him being a man who’s partial to a cold beer,that is.

Tony's home from home.

After all the excitement, Tony decided to head back so we set off alone to check out further down the coast. We found a wild and virtually deserted area with sheer cliffs and the Atlantic waves crashing below.

Beautiful and deserted.

Spectacular cliffs drop into the Atlantic.

There was also one of these, whatever it is. Seriously, if you know what this is, or was, for, answers to the comments column please.

If this is 'Moorish', give me more.

Solitary lighthouse on the clifftop.

As the evening drew in, we headed back to our room to rest up before starting off towards home tomorrow.

It was at this point that I decided there weren’t enough pictures of my bike on the post so far so here’s one to rectify the situation, taken outside our chalet just outside Lisbon.

Not enough pictures of my bike on this post.

Next day, we set off North East but as the day wore on, some huge thunderclouds were building all around. Luck was with us though and apart from some wet roads here and there, we missed the worst of it. Our evening and night was spent at Castelo Branco, a pleasant, very Portuguese town with a good line in fountains and lots of Storks. We don’t get Storks in the UK so it’s always fun to see their huge nests with their ungainly occupants when I visit Iberia.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present Castelo Branco.

Two of the locals look on.

Next day, the weather had cleared again and we took one of the smaller, more obscure border crossings, where we said our goodbyes to Portugal and Ola again to sunny Spain.

We finally leave Portugal behind.

Tony and Anne's Harley FXR on the Spanish border.



  1. Hey Stevie,

    Great write up! There is no better feeling than riding those open roads, leaving all else behind, and it’s more fun when you’ve company.

    There are some great roads down under too and worth a trip.

    All the best,

    • I bet there is.One day perhaps.Saw a thing on the TV last week about riding from Sydney to Perth along the South Coast. Awesome!!

      • Yes, got to do one of those myself. Will write about it when I do.

  2. I am getting so jealous!……ahh well, sun’s out today and taken ‘the beast’ to work as no client’s to see. Have fun Stevie 😉

    • Yeah, took mine out yesterday. 70miles across the heart of Dartmoor in the spring sun. Glorious.

  3. Looks like an amazing trip. Great pictures!

    • Thanks man. I’ll post the last bit in a few days with some great shots of the Picos de Europa mountains.Good to have you along for the ride.

  4. What an amazing experience! Great bike! Spain is one place Ryder and I want to go visit. I’m so impressed this New Yorker can only dream of Europe on a bike…for now. Enjoy!

    • It’s funny. You dream your dreams of Europe, I dream my dreams of the States. Each jealous(in a nice way) of the other. A symptom of the human condition I guess. Enjoy your biking, wherever it takes you..

  5. I am not a big fan of bikes but reading your blog has been informative and some of the places you have visited look stunning.

    • I am a big fan of football Patto,but I ain’t seen much from my team this season. Maybe that’s why I’m escaping on the bike for the summer.

  6. The beaches in Portugal are amazing! Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog- the gear wrapped in trash bags looks familiar 🙂
    I’ve upgraded to dry bags from the local kayak store(the kind with the valve that lets you bleed off air work well for compacting stuff) keeps things really dry too and lasts a lot longer.

  8. Hey, nice one Cap’n. 🙂 I’d not thought about it before. I started using them when I was a kid and never got around to upgrading. Made me feel all self-conscious about it now, you have.

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