Posted by: Stevie D | March 12, 2012

Planning the trip.

Those of you who have been following this blog for some weeks, will be wondering what has happened to the ‘Grand Tour’ of Europe I have been planning. This is the latest.

Over the weekend, I did something I have rarely, if ever, done before. I booked a one-way ticket on the cross-channel ferry. Kind of exciting, going and not knowing when you’ll come home. We’ve one or two things we plan to do on the way around but most of the time we’ll just see which way the wind blows and, at the risk of overdoing the cliches, go with the flow.

Ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff in Northern France. Middle of April. It should be that easy, but life isn’t like that. There is so much more to organize before you can just up sticks and away.

My good lady, Jayney, is the proud owners of two delightful pussycats whose idea of looking after themselves comprises of putting on the big eyes and crying pathetically.

They look sweet, but what are they thinking???

What to do with them for the duration? In fact, it’s not good to leave the house empty for so long. So we’ve fixed someone to come in and look after the place, the cats, everything. An old friend of Jayneys, trustworthy, and can move in and out when needed. Ideal.

But our lives are made of many different strands, so there are a lot of loose ends to tie up. Jayney has been able to take a career break so when she finishes just prior to our leaving, she won’t have to go back until next year.I’m a guy who likes to keep a bit fit, so I’ve handed in my notice to quit at the gym. Tough to do really ’cause I’ve been doing it a long time and it’ll be hard to keep up to scratch while we’re travelling. Has to be done though, and I’ve bought some ‘Resistance Bands’ to carry with us to try to cling on to the last vestiges of my long lost youth.

One of the toughest things to give up for me though is my band, Axe, for whom I’ve been doing vocals and playing a bit of  blues harp. The guys are saying they’ll wait for me, but really, I feel they should move on and find someone who can commit more to the cause going forward.Check out the video below to see Axe in axetion.

So, exciting times ahead and I’m beginning to feel them old butterflies in the stomach at the prospect.

More soon.


  1. Exciting times! Looking forward to following your next adventure. Best of luck in the final preparations!

    • Hey thanks.Takes something to give me that ole buzz nowadays but this is gonna be special. Hope all is good in Honningsvag and you’re seeing a little more sun than you’re used to.

      • Life is good here. The sun is rapidly making our days longer. Already, our sunrise is 5:50 AM and our sunset is 5 PM. Almost 12 hours of daylight after only 7 weeks. Not bad!

  2. Well now you’ve gone and done it! So many have the dream but so few follow it! Be safe in your travels, keep us posted, and enjoy every mile.

    • Yeah, it’s brill eh? Thanks for staying with it.

      • Look forward to your adventures…only wish we could meet sometime!

  3. Who knows, one day perhaps our paths will cross. Stranger things have happened I’m sure.

  4. best wishes mate have a great time, my mother and father in law do this all the time and they have a great time.grab life by the balls and go for it.bring us back a stick of rock though.

    • Who knows Barn’, we might meet them on the road. But thanks for that mate and er…where would you like me to put the rock.

  5. Good luck on the trip Steve will be following the blog may catch ya somewhere in Europe!!!

    • Yeah, that would be great Jof. I’ll be uploading stuff when I can get Wi-fi so just let me know where you gonna be.

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