Posted by: Stevie D | March 5, 2012

Norway -The Final Cut.

After leaving the startling views from Dalsnibba behind, we headed off towards Stryn, where I thought we would be likely to find accommodation for the next night. The road passed by some of the finest scenery in Norway with frozen lakes and waterfalls cascading over sheer cliffs and spilling into fast flowing waters below.

A frozen lake by the roadside.

Glorious scenery around every bend.

Stryn was also a handy base to go see my next objective, one which I would recommend everyone touring Norway to try to see, the Jostedalsbreen National Park.

Jostedalsbreen is basically a huge glacier and, where the ice is pushed out and down the mountain, it takes the form of smaller arms, many of which have their own names and some of which are fairly easy to access. After making ourselves comfortable in a hytte, we set off for the short ride to Briksdalsbreen, one of the more accessible parts of the glacier.

It’s still a fair walk up to the head of the glacier. On the way, you pass date markers which demonstrate how the ice has retreated over recent years. The river flowing away from the base is brilliant turquoise and is littered with massive boulders left behind by the retreating ice.Finally, we reached the ice itself and even when you’re stood beside it, your mind finds it hard to take in the scale of it all.

The tip of the ice.

Beside the glacier.

The view up the iceflow.

Tony, skating on thick ice.

Meltwater below the glacier.

On arriving back at the hytte we were greeted by a couple on a Harley in the adjacent hut. They had also been to the Superrally and we spent the evening doing what riders do, drinking,talking, laughing etc etc(see Norway part one).

The couple were from Holland and I’ve stupidly lost contact so check out the photo below and if you know them, let me know.

A swell time was had by all.

Next day we were back to Bergen for our last night before the ferry home. The weather had been very kind by Norway standards and we both had some special memories to recount to our friends back home.

Warm sun and dirty Harleys.

Try getting him to do that at home.




  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures! Safe travels!

    • Glad you like them. Such comment makes it worthwhile posting. Thanks.

  2. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my journey through Norway with you and your Harley. Thank you for sharing 🙂 Avis

    • Really appreciate your interest. There is so much to see in that beautiful land. Heartfelt thanks Avis.

  3. Just great mate…… cold was it? As cold as I got in wales (-10) or not too bad lol? Pics are fantastic 🙂

    • -10? That’s for girlies. Nah, not too bad on this trip. It’s weird how, in Norway in summer you can have deep snow all around but the temperature is still pretty mellow. Got some photos of the bike on a road with maybe 20ft of snow each side of the road but it’s cool but not freezing. Impresses the folks back home though.

  4. Lovely images! Would love to visit Norway someday

    • It is indeed a very special place with very special people….but not many of them.

  5. Beautiful pictures! 🙂 I liked the melt-away one the best! 🙂

    • Thank you Nandini. As, like the ice, Tony and I melted away from beautiful Norway.

  6. I’m jealous.

    • I’m sure there’s no need. I reckon you have plenty around you to make me jealous. Enjoyed looking at your blog too, by the way.

  7. Loved this series Stevie. What’s up next?

    • Should be setting off on our Grand Tour in April(see my next post). Apart from that I’ll be posting about a couple of recent tours we’ve done to Spain/Portugal and France. Thanks so much for following my travels. It’s much appreciated.

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