Posted by: Stevie D | February 24, 2012

Norway – Part three.

The next morning dawned bright and clear, perfect riding,and sightseeing, weather. We set off for our next target, Geiranger Fjord. I’d been to Geiranger on a previous trip and can only compare that first view you get from the road over the mountains as like being punched, very hard, in the mouth. It is, literally, breathtaking. So it was with mounting anticipation that I rode that last few miles. Tony was in front, as I was keen to see his reaction to this most awesome of views. Suddenly, we rounded a bend and there it was. Tony pulled over and dismounted, in silence, trying to take it in. Even though I’d seen it before, there was no dodging that punch.

First viewing is awesome.

We just stood and looked on for several minutes. Full sensory overload.

Cruise Liners dwarfed by Mother Nature.

Looking down on Geiranger village.

Finally, we headed to to Geiranger village, which is situated at the head of the fjord and has a campsite right on the waters edge. Oh, and a bar.

The campsite in Geiranger village.

The ocean-going cruise liners which had appeared as tiny dots from the mountain road earlier, were now revealed as relative giants, glinting in the afternoon sun.

View from our campsite.

Landlocked Liner.

We later strolled over to a nearby bar overlooking the fjord and enjoyed a rather solitary, but very enjoyable couple of beers.

Stillness and the setting sun.

The weather remained fine the next day and we were packed and away bright and early on the only other road out, up towards Dalsnibba mountain.

On my previous trip, I’d taken the private road up to the top of Dalsnibba, only to be met by a wall of fog which restricted the view to something approaching arms length. No such problems this time however and we dismounted at the top to look almost vertically down into Geiranger from a mile up.

Mile high, looking down on Geiranger.

Looking down at the mountaintops.

After a while, it was off again, along the road the locals call ‘The Golden Route’.

Back on the road.

Our next destination would be, in a different way, just as amazing.



  1. Awesome blue skies! Be safe!

  2. I do try. Thanks for following.

  3. Great adventure and photos! Second one is my favorite.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Oh man, now I have to add Norway to my “I want to ride in these places list”. These photos are amazing.

    • If ever you do, take some top quality boots and waterproofs. Do’t be fooled by the blue sky you see in some of these shots.

  5. Well when you were travelling there, did you have any language barrier problems?

    • Not at all. Only some very old Norwegians don’t speak English at all. Most of the younger ones speak it better than me.

      • haha.. That is cool to know because one day i might want to try to go across europe on two wheels for fun 🙂

      • It’s a strange thing about language across Europe. Many people learn English from imported TV shows. Big countries with large populations dub the sound into their native tongue whereas countries with small populations find that too expensive so they have sub-titles.Thus people in these smaller countries hear a lot more English every day, so tend to speak it much better.
        That’s my theory anyway, and I’m sticking to it.

  6. I’m sooooo jealous! the Husband and I dream of touring Europe on our bikes. Hopefully that will become a reality in the next couple of years. Have a blast!

    • Life’s a blast. I’m just gonna keep on livin’.

    • Hey, what’s to be jealous about. You live in the States.

  7. WOW! So thermals are the way to go under the leathers then? Even in Summer?

    • It depends how far North you’re aiming to go. For the Fjords, just good waterproofs. I went up to Nordcapp a few years ago and that was cold….and wet. And you don’t take a bike there at all in the winter.

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