Posted by: Stevie D | February 17, 2012

Norway – Part Deux.

From the Superrally, we set off North in the rough direction of Trondheim.

Heading north.

Our first stop was a place called Tingvoll. A group of log cabins by the lake made a perfect stop off point and the difference from the hurley-burley at the rally was amazing.

Solitary fisherman.

Showing off his catch.

Next morning we were off again.Although, as usual, I had no definite route in mind, I did have a short list of four of five places I wanted my buddy to see. First of these was the Atlantic Road.Situated near Kristiansund, the Atlantic Road passes over the ocean to connect a series of islands to the mainland. I’d tried to ride it twice before but somehow missed the turn on both occasions, much to Tony’s amusement when I told him.

This time I was determined there would be no mistake. We rode westward along the coast,both looking carefully for the correct road. Finally we reached a small ferry(of which there are many in Norway).

One of many small ferries.

Once aboard, I decided to do once more that which I only do in emergency, I asked a local. Oh yes, he said, all matter of fact. You’ve passed it already. Too late now. We were on a boat going the wrong way. Ah well, an excuse for a future visit I guess.

As we headed further West, the scenery became more and more dramatic and the weather slowly improved. So now I’ll shut up and show you what I mean.


A Fossen(Waterfall)


Like looking into the future.

Could be the top of the world.

One of my favourite shots.



  1. I like seeing Norway through your eyes and I really like the photo with the switchback road and the mountains in the distance. Beautiful!

    • After some of the amazing photos I’ve had the pleasure of seeing on your blog, I’ll take that as a compliment indeed. Many thanks.

  2. Great images! Keep them coming!

    • Thanks a lot man. If you like these, watch out for part three.

  3. Nice bike 🙂

    Thx for ‘liking’ my writing, even though it’s in Indonesian, though :p hehehe..

    • The language of motorcycles is universal and I use the same type of stand myself.

  4. Amazing world we live in, and you’ve captured it beautifully!

    • Thanks for stopping by Greycat.

  5. Great photos of Norway – now I can’t wait to go there oneday!!

    • Thanks Christine. I know you’ll love it like I do.

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