Posted by: Stevie D | January 26, 2012

The Lizard

My Harley is a heavy old lump. Sitting on one side of the camper it made everything lean at a rather alarming angle, including my morning tea, which really wasn’t acceptable. Something needed to be done. Searching the net, I found a company near Birminham who did replacement, heavy duty springs for the suspension at a very reasonable price. They were duly delivered and fitted, which, of course, meant another weekend away to test it out. A decision was made, and we headed off to The Lizard which, as anyone with a masters degree in geography will tell you, is the southernmost point in mainland Britain.

 For the time of year, very late October, the weather on the way was glorious, and we were soon settling in at Henry’s, the small eco-friendly campsite at the heart of the southernmost village in mainland Britain(I must stop using that phrase). It was certainly a ‘get away from it all’ destination. No TV reception, no internet, no mobile phone coverage. None of the things which really don’t matter in life anyway.So we spent the evening in a couple of local bars and planned a trek along the coastal footpath the next day.Image

The next morning it was windy and cold. So after a hearty breakfast and donning several layers, we set off for the short walk to Lizard Point itself before heading along the coast. Right on the headland is the southernmo(NO, cancel that), a lighthouse which is much needed on a coastline famed for numerous shipwrecks over many centuries.Image

As the foghorn blasted out its mournful cry, we passed on along the narrow pathway which clung precariously to the side of the impressive sea cliffs, looking down on the soaring seagulls below.Image



After about 4 hours we arrived at the tiny,very cornish, fishing village of Cadgwith and secreted ourselves in its warm and welcoming hostelry to gain warmth and refreshment. After a few glasses of excellent Cornish ale, we didn’t feel much like walking back again so the landlord kindly got us a taxi. When he arrived, we found he actually lived in a caravan less than 50 metres from ours on Henrys site.

How delightfully Cornish.

Oh, by the way. The new suspension set-up worked fine.




  1. I really like shots number 2 and 4. Looking forward to reading and seeing more of your recent and upcoming trips.

  2. Thanks for that. I wasn’t really taking photos with a blog in mind back then. I hope they’ll improve in future. Also, I’ll be posting a piece about lovely Norway in the coming weeks.

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