Posted by: Stevie D | January 19, 2012

Try it out.

This is the latest part of an ongoing story, so if you’re here for the first time, I recommend starting at ‘Hello World’.

The interior conversion took six months in all but by July ’11 it was finished and we were ready to give it a run out and see what worked and what didn’t. I’d bought a fold-up ramp so I could just drive the bike directly into the back and that seemed to work fine. Push the front wheel into the bumpstop and a couple of straps was all that was required to hold it all in place.We decided to take a week to travel around England and set off along the south coast with no real plan except to go with the flow. However, the English summer did what it does best and for three days it did nothing but precipitate heavily from the sky. It was certainly more comfortable than the tent, being tucked up in the van, but the joys of motorcycling were being washed down the gutters of a typical english summer.

Day 4 dawned bright and warm however and, much to the surprise of my fellow campers, I opened up the back and out came my trusty steed. After 3 days of driving the van in dismal weather, to jump on the bike on a glorious summer morning was bliss indeed. This was the real affirmation that the plan I had formulated would indeed work and was, in fact, even more satisfying and pleasurable than I could have hoped. My plan to travel long term around Europe, staying for a few days and touring the area on two wheels, then moving on, was definitely a go-er.We had a day scooting around Hertfordshire before the weather closed in again that evening. After that, the week ended as it began…..wet.By the end though, the system had proved itself, and, apart from on or two tweeks, we were ready to go.



  1. Great posts………wish I were on your side of the pond traveling around, although we do have lots of wonderful places here in the USA. Looking forward to new posts!

  2. great to see you are both having a good time. keep in touch.regards barney n naomi.

    • Hey Barn, Thanks for checking out the blog. Don’t see enough of you two these days. Probably see a whole lot less in future when we’re travelling the world,but you’ll be able to see my lovely face on the blog if your missing it. All my best to Naomi.

      • missing you all ready, remember we have a caravan so maybe a get together sometime would be nice. not joined the club this year seemed to have gone down hill alot, may do a few rallys dont know yet. you and jannie have a great time out there regards ,barney naomi and the girls.

  3. Hi. Have a question about your bike and the van. If you don’t mind, can you drop me an email? Couldn’t find an email address for you.

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