Posted by: Stevie D | January 17, 2012

How to begin?

You could write what I know about vans on the back of a postage stamp. Advice was needed so I started asking around amongst those in the know. Eventually I went for a 4year old VW LT35, simply because of it’s reputation for reliability and longevity. I was in this for the long haul,in every sense, so needed something which would stand the test of time.

A good friend of mine put some windows in and gave it a lick of paint and I was ready to sort out the interior. A search around on the net gave me a small van conversion company not too far from my home so I paid the man a visit. Marlin Conversions is a one man show in East Cornwall and when I explained to John, the one man, what I wanted, he was quite pleased to be trying something different.

Out came the ruler and the note pad. I gave him the dimensions of my Harley and we discussed at length what space we would have and where we could fit those little luxuries which make home. Then it was down to him.



  1. A great adventure about to begin… Can’t wait to follow the story as it unfolds.
    Best of luck on your travels.

    • Hi TK. Thanks for checking it out. Keep in touch and all my best to the lovely Lyn.

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