Posted by: Stevie D | January 14, 2012

Hello world!

Well, here goes. My first blog. Please try to make allowances for my ineptitude in the initial stages, as I grapple with the nuances of trying to get my unfolding story across, along with entertaining and informing you,dear reader.

I suppose I should start by explaining my reason for starting this Blog and hinting at where it may lead. As ever, we can learn about the future quite effectively by looking briefly at the past.

Always loved motorcycles. From my early days ogling BSA’s, Triumphs and Nortons roar past, to my 1st bike at 17yrs old(a BSA C15) and then right through my life, that love and fascination has never left me, and I’ve always had a two wheeler on the road. My holidays became more adventurous over time with trips to the Alps, Arctic Norway and the lovely Iberian peninsula regularly using up the meagre leave allowance I had from my employers. Usually with my good lady,occasionally with other intrepid biker friends, I would race to the ferryport, desperate to leave this sceptered isle for two weeks adventure in pastures new.

The trouble is, one can only go so far in two weeks and it seemed I had been pretty much everywhere I could go and I was getting a little stale. However, as one door closes another opens,as they say, and the opportunity arose of taking an early exit from my employment.Took the chance with both hands,I did, and ,even before I walked out the messroom door for the last time, I was already planning what to do with my new found freedom.

I already had my most vital tool, an ageing,but seemingly(touch wood) indestructable Harley, which, although having been around the clock and then some, continued to enjoy my unfailing trust and affection I was used to camping on my trips.However, being away for a long period with my good lady,hereon to be known as Jayney(it is her name after all)was a different kettle of fish. A woman has needs, and most of them involve stuff. Stuff has to be carried and luggage space on any bike is at a premium. A week down through France without the tent had shown that staying in hotels, no matter how downmarket, was financially unviable. Then a guy at work, with whom I was discussing my dilemma, said,completely off the cuff,’What you need is a race van’. Basically, a campervan with a bike garage in the back. Problem solved? Not entirely. But it gave me an idea to work with. 



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  2. Well if I may say so a very fine blog it is to! keep the photos coming they are great.


    • Cheers Col’, thanks for checking it out. Very photogenic, my bike.

  3. What you’re doing is exciting! I can’t wait till I start taking road trips.

    from California

    • Hi Jameson. Thanks for looking in. I’m planning to set off in a few weeks and be away for most of the year. I’ll keep blogging on the way so people can see Europe through my eyes, so to speak. See you on the road somewhere.

  4. Hello Steve. Just who was this ‘guy at work’? He sounds like a switched-on cookie to me. You know, the sort of guy who’d laugh at the very idea of working until he was 65, or cock a snook at sensible investments. Why, I bet right now he’s making plans to travel the canals of England and then visit Europe to cycle along the great rivers, all without a thought of ever working again. German wine and beer; that’s the sort of things he’d be interested in. Meeting new people too. And the sights and cultures. Yes, he’s one switched on cookie……

  5. Nah! It was Mark Pengelly actually. 🙂

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